Scientists discover that the dog's brain is much similar to the human's

But It is now emerging it may be because they process information in a similar way to humans.
By Aaron Sims | Oct 12, 2016
Dogs are by far the easiest animal to train. Scientists for a long time believed that this was because they are more intelligent animals. But It is now emerging it may be because they process information in a similar way to humans.

The scientists discovered that dogs Process both what their master is saying and the intonation of what they are saying. If you praise your dog in a flat tone the dog may not get the full appreciation of your intention. But if you change the tone and also act cheerful the dog will also light up as a result.

This is a very humanlike behavior. "Humans seem to be the only species which use words and intonation for communicating emotions, feelings, inner states," said the led scientist. "To find that dogs have a very similar neural mechanism to tell apart meaningful words from meaningless sound sequences is, I think, really amazing."

The scientists discovered like humans when speech is achieved, words and intonation are deciphered independently by different parts of the brain. The left side of the brain processes the words while the right side processes the tone.

The scientists say that the dogs were trained to sit in the MRA scan as still as possible. The master spoke to them in different tones, and the researchers monitored their brain pattern. They noticed when the trainers said gibberish even at a happy intonation, the dogs' brain waves changed microscopic. However, saying praising words at a happy intonation spiked massive brain activity.


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