The Obama administration to invest over $300 million in microbial research

This quick evolution of the microorganisms has never been known as to how beneficial it is to humans.
By Alex Bourque | May 16, 2016
Microbes have the biggest population of any organisms on earth. They literally occupy almost any environment through their quick evolution and adaptation. They are heavily involved in the health of man as scientists believe there are over a billion microbes on the human skin alone.

The problem is that such microbes evolve every time someone applies ointment or takes antibiotic for a disease. This quick evolution of the microorganisms has never been known as to how beneficial it is to humans. Scientists believe that understanding what the alteration of the microbes due to its makeup will greatly help humanity improve their health status.

The Obama administration has agreed to disband over $300 million and partner with Science Universities for another $100 million to carry out research. The sum seems to be a little in the extreme, but scientists argue that in is necessary to make the research effective.

"We have no idea if that's a healthier norm or a less healthy norm than before, and no idea how to fix it," said Handelsman, who is part of the research team. "This is a microbial planet. Everything that's driving all the ecosystems, including human beings, is powered by microbial processes, yet we've been relatively ignorant of their activities."

The scientists hope to see exactly how the microbial ecosystems interrelate with other ecosystems. They hope by learning more such ecosystems they will be able to control and even manipulate the microbes to get the best outcome.


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