The understanding of physics makes cats the best hunters

Saho Takagi, a scientist with his team from the University of Kyoto, conducted experiments with 30 cats.
By Jose Jefferies | Aug 14, 2016
Cats, ranging from the domesticated feline to the mighty savanna lion, are termed as one of the best hunters on the planet. Evolution has helped them to a great extent achieve this fit, with powerful limbs and jaws. However, it seems that their basic understanding of physics has played a role just as significant.

Saho Takagi, a scientist with his team from the University of Kyoto, conducted experiments with 30 cats. They put the cats in a room and placed a box in its vicinity. The box either contained an object or was empty.

The Scientists shock both boxes as the felines stared at the boxes. The Boxes with objects inside made sounds when shaken, and those without did not. The researchers observed that the cats stared longer at the boxes with the object as inside than once without.

They took the experiment a step further and tilted the boxes in front of the cats after removing the object inside. The cats looked at the boxes which had prior had objects inside with more anticipation. The cats knew that since the boxes had something inside the object would have to drop out of the box if tilted. This proved that cats understood causal-logical one of the fundamental core concepts in physics.

"The results suggest that cats used a causal-logical understanding of auditory stimuli to predict the appearance of invisible objects," said Saho Takagi. "The ecology of cats' natural hunting style may favor the ability for inference on the basis of sounds."

Understanding basic physics may be a unique skill that cats have used to become such excellent hunters. Understanding how physical forces work and how to use them to their advantage may help them move quicker and hunter with m0ore intelligence.


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