Survival capsule designed to withstand tsunamis and earthquakes gets first buyer
Survival capsule designed to withstand tsunamis and earthquakes gets first buyer
Carmelo Sheppard - May 11, 2017
She has been experimenting with the quickest way to get into the capsule for an experience she admits she’s not keen to take.
Cliff Mooneyham - May 04, 2017
The same applies to males displaying their muscles to get attention from members of the opposite sex.
Jose Jefferies - Apr 19, 2017
David Sims - Apr 17, 2017
A new report has found that climate change has significant adverse effects on mental health.
Cliff Mooneyham - Apr 05, 2017
Scientists have discovered the fossilized remains of one of the planet's oldest creatures, in a World War I trench.
Jose Jefferies - Mar 31, 2017
Two Yale students have the pain of hangovers into a passion, and have developed a patent-pending anti-hangover formula that they say is 'based on science.'
Adam Widmer - Mar 23, 2017
The area is 151 miles across and has a minimum depth of approximately 2,700 feet.
James Carlin - Mar 14, 2017
Despite uncertainty over policy changes under the Trump administration, NASA is going ahead with plans for a cislunar pathway outpost for future human missions.
Carmelo Sheppard - Mar 14, 2017
NASA employs its special lunar observer locate strays and to monitor on-going missions.
Chad Young - Mar 10, 2017
Scientists say that they are one-third of the way to synthesizing the complete genome of baker's yeas
Clint Huston - Mar 06, 2017
Nasa scientists have proposed an audacious plan that could give Mars its atmosphere back and make it habitable for future human colonists.
Dirk Trudeau - Feb 08, 2017
A soccer ball that was on the ill-fated Challenger Space Shuttle has finally made it to space 30 years later.
James Carlin - Feb 02, 2017
Scientists at the University of Tübingen in Germany have developed a brain reading cap, which will help patients with locked-in syndrome to communicate with Doctors and their families.
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 31, 2017
The researchers sampled 12-year-olds from 77 families that had at least a pet and a child per family.
Jose Jefferies - Jan 27, 2017
The new suits were exhibited yesterday morning when Boeing went live on Facebook to launch the suits.
James Carlin - Jan 24, 2017
But it is also important to consider why it evolved to such a small size.
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 14, 2017
This brings the age old question of if NASA can use the drug why is it illegal?
Vicky Webb - Jan 13, 2017
The other vowels are "aw" sound, an "ih" sound and an "uh," which make up the basis of the baboon language.
Ian Marsh - Jan 11, 2017
New research by Scientists from Weizmann Institute of Science might just dispute what we think we know about how the moon came into being.
Adam Widmer - Jan 09, 2017
Adam Widmer - Dec 30, 2016
According to the Vice Transport Minister Yang Yudong, who was speaking at a forum aimed at introducing China's transport services, a total of $504 million would be used between now and 2020.
Adam Widmer - Dec 19, 2016
The biggest clue to show how old and ancient this fish is the vestigial sexual organs located at the mouth of the make Chimera.
Cliff Mooneyham - Dec 16, 2016
These particles are highly reflective and would reflect a right amount of sunlight back to space and in essence, cool the planet.
Billy Kirk - Nov 22, 2016
This theory has been tested time and again and always been proven right.
Harry Marcolis - Nov 22, 2016
The phrase as unpredictable as the weather may need a facelift after NASA launched their latest weather satellite into space.
James Smith - Nov 21, 2016
Scientists have discovered that the earth may be more "attracted" to some points of the moon.
David Sims - Nov 21, 2016
NASA has been accused of faking landing rovers on Mars much in the same way they were attacked with faking the moon landing.
Jose Jefferies - Nov 21, 2016
James Smith - Nov 19, 2016
Some scientists are reporting "fast radio bursts" that might be alien civilizations trying to communicate.
Cliff Mooneyham - Nov 16, 2016
The International Space Station is going to get its first delivery from Virginia in two years.
Cliff Mooneyham - Nov 15, 2016
Space flight is gaining new interest in the United States of America.
Cliff Mooneyham - Nov 14, 2016
NASA Juno spacecraft has reported experiencing engine problems.
Dirk Trudeau - Nov 12, 2016
A new study suggests that craters are forming on the surface of the moon at a rate faster than first predicted.
Cliff Mooneyham - Nov 03, 2016
The phrase 'spidey senses" may not be as far-fetched as the movies suggest.
Cliff Mooneyham - Nov 03, 2016
The timing of the comet coincides with the rise of mammals almost perfectly.
Clint Huston - Nov 03, 2016
The study revealed that the dryness and aridity causes these massive blazes.
David Sims - Nov 03, 2016
This planet lies in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.
Cliff Mooneyham - Nov 03, 2016
The anthropological team that uncovered dawn of man footprints in Tanzania is giving insight into the find.
Cliff Mooneyham - Nov 03, 2016
Scientists have uncovered footprints that are believed to have been left at the dawn of modern humanity.
Cliff Mooneyham - Nov 03, 2016
The animal got its name from its resemblance to the modern dog and bear-like physique.
Tyler Henderson - Nov 03, 2016
Scientists think that the gully might have been an ancient water source.
Cliff Mooneyham - May 15, 2017
Participants chose the picture of the partner as the one that was most similar to the brother 27 percent of the time, which is only s bit higher than random chance.
Adam Widmer - May 09, 2017
The United Nations Environment chief Eric Solheim warned on Thursday that the U.S would shoot itself in the foot if it quits the Paris climate accord.
Jeremy Morrow - May 04, 2017
Scientists believe that there are five main personality traits: openness, extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness and conscientiousness.
Chad Young - May 04, 2017
According to scientists, the drill can perform a certain type of complex cranial surgery 50 times faster than its common practice.
Alex Bourque - Apr 29, 2017
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced on Friday that it will be taking down climate data from several websites.
James Smith - Apr 21, 2017
US Scientists are conducting a massive computer simulation to work out how the city of New York would respond to a nuclear attack in the heart of Manhattan.
James Carlin - Apr 18, 2017
A landmark scientific study has shattered the belief that salty food makes living organisms crave a drink.
Jason Spencer - Mar 24, 2017
Scientists in Germany are turning on what is being described as 'the world's largest artificial sun.'
Harry Marcolis - Mar 20, 2017
Professor Stephen Hawking has revealed he is planning to travel into space on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic.
Wilson Soto - Mar 09, 2017
The bill includes the aerospace's long term ambition of sending humans to Mars by 2033.
James Carlin - Mar 09, 2017
Dr. Dresler added that if one uses these strategic mnemonic training memory strategies, they can considerably increase their memory, even if it was awful at the start.
Aaron Sims - Feb 28, 2017
The hoversurf has a traditional motorbike design combining it with quodcopter technology with the result being an electric powered hoverbike that can lift itself up mounted by a pilot.
Adam Widmer - Feb 28, 2017
Researchers have said that the sighting will provide a laboratory of sorts that will enable them to study distant worlds and the possibility of a search for signs of life beyond Earth.
Ian Marsh - Feb 28, 2017
Despite the challenges, SpaceX was back at it in January with the successful launch of Falcon 9 which took place at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
James Smith - Feb 18, 2017
Cleveland Cavaliers guard, Kyrie Irving, is sticking by his belief that the Earth is flat.
Harry Marcolis - Feb 09, 2017
The Pentagon statement confirmed the news in the Arab world that al-Masri had been killed.
James Carlin - Feb 08, 2017
At least seven tornadoes tore through New Orleans and the surrounding areas, leaving destruction in their path.
Alex Bourque - Feb 02, 2017
Adults and children who suffer from Aspergers have problems with social interactions and exhibit a restricted range of interests and repetitive behavior.
James Smith - Feb 02, 2017
This is in the form of fluorinated chemicals(PFASs). These are usually favored for their grease repellant properties but can be harmful to our health according to the study.
Aaron Sims - Jan 31, 2017
Chinese researchers have found microfossils that could be the human races' earliest ancestors.
Jason Spencer - Jan 27, 2017
After this success, the company is now planning to work on a device for patients who have a damaged optic nerve and will be called Orion.
Adam Widmer - Jan 27, 2017
In December an unmanned cargo ship carrying supplies for the International Space Station, fell apart six minutes after lift-off.
Harry Marcolis - Jan 17, 2017
Ian Marsh - Jan 16, 2017
Killer Whales have a lifespan of around 90 years, but reach menopause in their 30's to 40's.
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 11, 2017
Though it was not on a collision course for earth, it still passed by incredibly close.
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 10, 2017
Instinctively again the spider went for the meal on the right.
Jason Spencer - Jan 04, 2017
A new study is backing the decision from NOAA to readjust its global temperature dataset.
Harry Marcolis - Dec 23, 2016
But the odd thing about the skull was one, had teeth, and the other had a beak.
Adam Widmer - Dec 19, 2016
That question was answered when a group of scientists encounters a 15-minute battle that changed their opinion of both creatures.
Tracy Williams - Dec 09, 2016
This has allowed scientists to identify soft bone and cartilage, but most important, they have seen the presence of Barbules.
Wilson Soto - Dec 08, 2016
The Cassini Probe has captured a strange looking cyclone on Satan's the North Pole.
Aaron Sims - Nov 30, 2016
The US has launched offensive Seattleites after both Russia and China establish satellites of war in space.
Ian Marsh - Nov 27, 2016
But China has beaten them to the punch and already carried out a procedure to a lung cancer patient and is awaiting progress.
Jeremy Morrow - Nov 27, 2016
However, scientists soon discovered that man was not only farmers and now it is unveiled that they may not even be the first.
Adam Widmer - Nov 23, 2016
The conditions that led to the existence of life consisted of extreme pressure and the heat forcing emergence of life.
Jeremy Morrow - Nov 23, 2016
Trump has threatened to pull out of the Paris Agreement that entailed to all nations committing to reduce global warming.
Harry Marcolis - Nov 23, 2016
A large deposit of ice has been found almost at the equator of Mars.
David Sims - Nov 20, 2016
The sun, for instance, makes a full rotation one every 27 earth days.
James Smith - Nov 20, 2016
The asteroid that led to the extinction of dinosaurs may have resulted in a much bigger impact than first thought.
Clint Huston - Nov 20, 2016
Elon Musk has come up with a solution for this forefront question by creating fuel tanks from carbon fiber.
Harry Marcolis - Nov 20, 2016
But conspiracy theorists are not buying any explanations from NASA.
Jeremy Morrow - Nov 19, 2016
A star is being reported as the most perfectly spherical object ever observed in nature.
Jeremy Morrow - Nov 19, 2016
The crew of Expedition 51 arrived on the International Space Station on Saturday.
Wilson Soto - Nov 19, 2016
A Donald Trump administration will likely send the United States of America back to the Moon.
Carmelo Sheppard - Nov 18, 2016
NASA astronaut, Peggy Whitson, became the oldest woman to travel in space on Friday.
Adam Widmer - Nov 18, 2016
Physicist, Stephen Hawking, predicted that homo sapien life on earth has only a one thousand year shelf life remaining.
Clint Huston - Nov 03, 2016
The new technology suggests that the moon craters have increased by almost 33 percent.
Jose Jefferies - Nov 03, 2016
It has been reported that several nations have agreed to a deal that will cut down on global HFC's.
Adam Widmer - Nov 03, 2016
A new humanoid robot is able to sweat in order to lower its frame temperature.
Adam Widmer - Oct 25, 2016
Volunteers for the mission to Mars face many challenges to their survival.