Origins of complex life on earth decoded
Origins of complex life on earth decoded
Andrew McDonald - Aug 19, 2017
The team suggests that life got a kick-start from the huge amounts of nutrients and carbon dumped into the oceans by melting glaciers.
Kara Menard - Aug 19, 2017
Van Der Sloot was re-arrested for another murder case and is now behind bars. He has more than once confessed to either killing Natalee Holloway or seeing her die but has retracted or changed his confession more than once.
Billy Kirk - Aug 19, 2017
Men who were heavy drinkers had a 25 percent higher risk of dying during the study and a 67 percent increased risk from cancer compared to males who never drank.
Joseph Scalise - Aug 19, 2017
But Chilesaurus had flattened teeth, which suggests it ate only plants; and an inverted, bird-like hip structure that sets it apart from the theropods. Some researchers posited that it belonged to another dinosaur group, the ornithischia.
Alex Bourque - Aug 19, 2017
In Baron's updated family tree, therapods and ornithischians share a common ancestor, so the mixed traits of Chilesaurus could indicate a transitional species from both groups.
Robert Balkovich - Aug 19, 2017
Some proteins crystallize better in microgravity, where they grow larger and have fewer imperfections. Crystals grown on the space station benefits medical research into radiation damage, bone loss, and muscle atrophy.
David Sims - Aug 18, 2017
Researchers from Harvard University found that, even after adjusting for both age and body mass index, osteoarthritis of the knee is twice as common now as it was in the 1950's.
Chad Young - Aug 18, 2017
On the other hand, the planets could have thick atmospheres that may have protected them from damaging radiation.
Andrew McDonald - Aug 16, 2017
Scientists from the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh have discovered 91 previously undetected volcanoes in West Antarctica, some buried as deep as two miles beneath the ice.
Jeremy Morrow - Aug 16, 2017
Carassius fish -- a group that includes goldfish and crucian carps -- produce alcohol in their cells as a way to survive in cold, icy water, according to new study published in Scienctific Reports.
Harry Marcolis - Aug 15, 2017
Conservators with the Antarctic Heritage Trust, based in New Zealand, recently found the fruitcake in a hut at Cape Adare the oldest building in Antarctica.
Andrew McDonald - Aug 15, 2017
The reason for that difference is because our planet's core is a dense mix of iron and nickel surrounded by flowing rock. That balance keeps charged particles moving in what is known as a dynamo.
Carmelo Sheppard - Aug 14, 2017
Researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have developed a chip that can heal damaged body functions with a single touch.
Tobi Gerdes - Aug 11, 2017
However, despite that research, little is known about the evolution of the ape and human ancestors that existed before 10 millions years ago.
Clint Huston - Aug 11, 2017
The celestial bodies are the closest Earth-like worlds ever discovered, and, at 1.7 Earth masses, they are also the smallest on record.
David Sims - Aug 11, 2017
The number of black holes of a certain mass per galaxy depends on the size of the galaxy, says co-author Manoj Kaplinghat, a UCI professor of physics and astronomy.
James Carlin - Aug 11, 2017
The newly discovered fossils are haramiyidans, long-extinct cousins of modern-day mammals. They are beautifully preserved, showing wing-like skin membranes between their front and back limbs.
Vicky Webb - Aug 11, 2017
P. mayorum lived roughly 101 million years ago during the Cretaceous period and belonged to a group of dinosaurs known as titanosaurs.
Clint Huston - Aug 11, 2017
While scientists have long known there are many holes throughout the reaches of the space, they did not expect to find as many as they did.
Jose Jefferies - Aug 11, 2017
Now, President Trump has been briefed on what many are called an 'opioid epidemic' and he offered comments afterwards from Bedminster, New Jersey.
Jeremy Morrow - Aug 11, 2017
In 2013, a shepherd in the Argentinian desert stumbled on an enormous fossil bone sticking out of a rock. When experts examined the find, they discovered the remains belonged to what was the biggest dinosaur ever unearthed.
Cliff Mooneyham - Aug 09, 2017
Researchers working in northeastern Nevada have discovered a new species of fish that resembled a shark in both appearance and eating habits.
Harry Marcolis - Aug 09, 2017
To answer that, the team analyzed 98 puppies that were eventually put into a guide dog program. During the study, the young canines were kept in towel-lined kiddie pools.
David Sims - Aug 09, 2017
Scientists believe the sea creatures that attacked an Australian teen over the weekend were small aquatic scavengers known as amphipods.
Chad Young - Aug 09, 2017
The extinct species -- known as Birgeria americana -- measured nearly six feet long and swam in the sea that covered what is current day Nevada some 252 million years ago.
Josh Curlee - Aug 09, 2017
Growing new organs in a lab is a feat that medicine cannot yet do, but an Ohio State University research team thinks it has found a way to program the human body's own cells to grow new organ tissue on its own.
Simon Smith - Aug 04, 2017
In a major breakthrough that is sure to stoke controversy, U.S. scientists have successfully edited human embryos afflicted with a genetic mutation that causes a sometimes fatal heart condition to produce healthy embryos.
Paul Pate - Aug 04, 2017
U.S. and Korean scientists announced that they successfully edited defective genes that cause heart failure out of real-life human embryos Wednesday.
Vicky Webb - Aug 03, 2017
The researchers looked at blood samples from 192 individuals diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and 392 healthy people as a control group.
James Smith - Aug 01, 2017
The scientists found that tardigrades and nematodes were missing the same five HOX genes, which are responsible for setting the nose-to-tail pattern in embryos .
Jose Jefferies - Aug 01, 2017
Although the Bible's Old Testament records that after their exodus from Egypt the Israelites destroyed the Canaanite people, archaeological evidence has suggested that Canaanite populations and cities continued to live on.
Jeremy Morrow - Jul 25, 2017
In all, the researchers looked at 202 brains that belonged to football players at all levels. CTE was present in 87 percent.
Cliff Mooneyham - Jul 25, 2017
A nine-year-old boy was roaming around the Organ Mountains near Las Cruces, New Mexico, with his family in November when he literally stumbled on a rare paleontological find: the fossilized skull of a million-year-old stegomastodon.
Cliff Mooneyham - Jul 25, 2017
In February 2016, two-year-old Eden Carlson made it through a baby gate and toppled into the family swimming pool. She was submerged in the cold water for as long as 15 minutes before being found, according to a Newsweek report.
Jose Jefferies - Jul 21, 2017
New excavations of an aboriginal rock shelter called Madjedbebe push back the date when humans first came to Australia by between 5,000 and 18,000 years.
Linda Mack - Jul 18, 2017
The researchers published their findings in the journal Neuron.
Carmelo Sheppard - Jul 14, 2017
A massive iceberg that scientists have been predicting would separate from the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica has finally proved them right, according to an announcement by researchers Wednesday.
Jason Spencer - Jul 14, 2017
The study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Clint Huston - Jul 13, 2017
While humans have been monitoring the great storm since 1830, scientists think it may have been raging for more than 350 years.
Jason Spencer - Jul 13, 2017
They found that people who drank a cup of coffee each day were 12 percent less likely die, according to a USC statement.
David Sims - Jul 05, 2017
The tower was described in contemporary accounts of the Spanish conquistadores when they captured the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, which later became Mexico City.
Alex Bourque - Aug 19, 2017
In a development that could help people at increased risk for cancer, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have devised a non-invasive blood test that can detect early-stage cancers with a good degree of accuracy.
Adam Widmer - Aug 19, 2017
Arizona public health officials are warning residents that plague-infected fleas have been found in two of the state's northern counties.
Billy Kirk - Aug 19, 2017
Now, the team from Cambridge believes it is one of the first ornithischians, a group that includes both Triceratops and Stegosaurus.
Wilson Soto - Aug 19, 2017
Researchers have found that teenage drug overdose deaths have tripled since 1999, and they also rose more than 19 percent from 2014 to 2015, according to new data released by the National Center for Health Statistics.
Ed Mason - Aug 18, 2017
Researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of Leuven have found that binge-watching TV shows, while fun, can affect your sleep, according to a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.
James Carlin - Aug 16, 2017
Before the injections, the researchers took baseline measurements of the rats' heart function, exercise capacity, and various blood markers.
Clint Huston - Aug 16, 2017
The distant system sits roughly 40 light-years from Earth and, according to the new research, is between 5.4 and 9.8 billion years old.
Sam Klein - Aug 16, 2017
While there is no definitive proof, the team believes the recently discovered formation is the largest volcano chain on Earth. In addition to the 91 volcanoes uncovered in the study, 47 others have been previously noted in the region as well.
Tobi Gerdes - Aug 15, 2017
The asteroid, named 2012 TC4, will zip by Earth at a distance of about 27,300 miles (44,000 kilometers), which is an eighth of the distance from the Earth to the Moon.
Cliff Mooneyham - Aug 15, 2017
The litter had 37 piglets in all, and not one of them had traces of the Active Porcine Endogenous Retrovirus, or PERVs. That is a big step towards growing organs in animals.
Cliff Mooneyham - Aug 14, 2017
In a scientific breakthrough, researchers have edited the genes of piglets to make their organs safer for transplant to humans.
Jeremy Morrow - Aug 11, 2017
Spacecraft's science instruments will probe deeply into Saturn's atmosphere.
Jeremy Morrow - Aug 11, 2017
Spacecraft's science instruments will probe deeply into Saturn's atmosphere.
Laurel Kornfeld - Aug 11, 2017
Sun-like stars seen as best hopes for harboring Earth-like worlds.
Kathy Fey - Aug 11, 2017
A new study suggests that the Milky Way galaxy is home to around100 million black holes.
Jeremy Morrow - Aug 11, 2017
Estimates show waters are rising because of melting glaciers and ice sheets, as well as thermal expansion of the ocean water as it warms.
Alex Bourque - Aug 11, 2017
Modern winged mammals glide using areas of skin membrane that stretches out between their fore and hind limbs. While the fossils exhibited that trait, they also had a wide range of other strange characteristics.
Wilson Soto - Aug 11, 2017
Shishmaref's residents voted in August to relocate to the mainland, but they have no funding to do so. Newtok requested federal funds in January to help its residents relocate but has so far been left emptyhanded.
Jason Spencer - Aug 11, 2017
An international team of astronomers has detected four Earth-sized planets orbiting tau Ceti, the closest sun-like star two of which are located in the habitable zone and could support liquid water.
David Sims - Aug 09, 2017
In addition, researchers used data from the Atacama Large Millimeter Array in Chili to find traces of vinyl cyanide in Titan's atmosphere.
Adam Widmer - Aug 09, 2017
Researchers from Yale University have unearthed fossils of a tiny, faceless sea worm that could help give insight into ancient biology, a recent study published in Current Biology reports.
Billy Kirk - Aug 09, 2017
This reveals the importance of human contact and hints that loneliness may be a much bigger problem than many people realize.
Ian Marsh - Aug 09, 2017
Researchers have analyzed the stunningly well-preserved specimen of a heavily armored dinosaur unearthed in Alberta, Canada, and have declared it a new genus and species.
James Carlin - Aug 07, 2017
The CDC issued a separate report last year finding that suicides in the U.S. as a whole increased by 24 percent over a 15-year period.
Jose Jefferies - Aug 07, 2017
More pollution is coming from private lands, where the chemicals seep into groundwater or local rivers and streams and make their way into the forests.
James Smith - Aug 04, 2017
Colorado state officials are confirming the discovery of a dinosaur fossil while conducting surveys for a new bike trail near Grand Junction.
Kara Menard - Aug 04, 2017
A dead zone the size of New Jersey has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and is growing even larger, and a new report says that meat industries are to blame for much of it.
Mark Schwartz - Aug 03, 2017
This well exceeds the target set by the 2016 Paris Agreement of 1.5 degrees Celsius.
Ian Marsh - Aug 01, 2017
Florida conservation officials are investigating a video posted on Instagram Monday showing a group of laughing people on board a speeding boat dragging a shark by its tail on a rope.
Jason Spencer - Aug 01, 2017
Scientists who looked at sperm counts of men from North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand find that sperm count and sperm concentration have sharply declined over about a 40-year period.
Wilson Soto - Jul 30, 2017
China has undertaken three promising experiments in this technology. But the Oregon researchers were the first U.S.-based scientists to do so, said Jun Wu, a collaborator at the Salk Institute.
Cliff Mooneyham - Jul 26, 2017
Unique genetic insertions, called transposons, on the Williams-Beuren syndrome critical regions (WBSCR) were strongly associated with social traits, such as seeking out humans for physical contact.
Mae Owen - Jul 25, 2017
Earth's Moon may look bone-dry, but new satellite data indicates large volumes of water "hotspots" trapped within the lunar dust.
James Smith - Jul 25, 2017
A new study from scientists at Brown University finds surprisingly large amounts of water trapped inside volcanic deposits on the moon. The research is published in the journal Nature Geoscience.
Jason Spencer - Jul 25, 2017
A team of scientists has identified a fourth ocean sunfish species -- making it the first new sunfish species to be discovered in 130 years.
Mae Owen - Jul 25, 2017
So as the existing pool of laborers grows older and more of them retire, not enough new immigrant workers are arriving to replace them.
Harry Marcolis - Jul 17, 2017
In the end, the GIF played back with 90 percent accuracy. And even when the team uploaded the movie backward, they could view the galloping horse in reverse.
Carmelo Sheppard - Jul 15, 2017
But some in the medical community are dubious about ingesting foreign substances, including chocolate.
Mae Owen - Jul 10, 2017
The pathogen, a bacterium called Xylella fastidiosa, turned up in a sample of 17 almond trees in eastern Valencia, according to Elena Cebrian, a local agricultural official.
Tyler Henderson - Jun 26, 2017
And the company may surpass its 2016 total on Sunday, when it is scheduled to launch another mission. SpaceX is aiming to achieve 20 to 24 missions total before the year is out.
Jeremy Morrow - Jun 24, 2017
Volk and Malhotra are hoping that the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, set to begin operation in 2020, will unlock the mystery of missing Planet X.
James Carlin - Jun 24, 2017
A new study based on experiments with mice suggests that extra virgin olive oil may protect the brain from symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
David Sims - Jun 21, 2017
The domesticated cat originated in ancient Egypt and the Near East about 10,000 years ago, according to a new genetic analysis.
James Smith - Jun 16, 2017
The satellite, named Micius after an ancient Chinese philosopher, successfully transmitted entangled photons between three widely separated land-based stations.
Chad Young - Jun 11, 2017
The fossilized hatchling was a member of the bird group known as enantiornithes, which disappeared along with dinosaurs some 65 million years ago.
Jason Spencer - Jun 09, 2017
Racial disparities may play out in military discipline, according to a study that finds that black U.S.
Lila Alexander - Jun 05, 2017
Macron went on to openly invite the U.S. researchers to come to France and work with like-minded French colleagues on creating long-term solutions to climate change.
James Carlin - Jun 05, 2017
The Stratolaunch airplane has already made one landmark accomplishment: It's set a new world record for the largest airplane on Earth.
Linda Mack - Jun 02, 2017
The United States may be out of the Paris climate agreement, but Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said Thursday that his city is still in.
Vicky Webb - Jun 02, 2017
Musk has pursued a range of clean-energy technologies in the last few years, including electric cars, solar roof panels, and improvements in battery technology.