Asteroid-bound spacecraft slingshots past Earth
Asteroid-bound spacecraft slingshots past Earth
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 25, 2017
Gravity assist will alter its trajectory while saving fuel.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 25, 2017
Project is part of broader vision to transform China into a leader in space exploration.
Carmelo Sheppard - Sep 25, 2017
A team of researchers have found compelling evidence that a species of brainless jellyfish can sleep in the same way other animals do.
Chad Young - Sep 25, 2017
A new study on the history of the Earth's crust gives new insight into how our planet supports life.
Billy Kirk - Sep 25, 2017
This year's Arctic sea ice extent, while higher than previous years, is still much lower than it has been in the past.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 25, 2017
Classed as asteroids and comets, both experience water sublimation when exposed to heat from the Sun.
David Sims - Sep 25, 2017
Octopolis and Octlantis are recently discovered octopus 'cities' where normally solitary octopuses congregate and interact.
Vicky Webb - Sep 21, 2017
A newly proposed plan aims to use a fleet of small nanosatellites to explore more than 300 asteroids.
Clint Huston - Sep 21, 2017
A recent study sheds new light on the duck penis morphology and gives insight into how the birds sexual selection developed over time.
Jackie Flores - Sep 21, 2017
An ancient frog called Beelzebufo likely preyed on small or juvenile dinosaurs that lived in its habitat.
Steve Colyer - Sep 21, 2017
At least one dinosaur species laid clutches of blue-green eggs, researchers say.
Clint Huston - Sep 21, 2017
A new study shows that the largest and smallest animals on Earth are the ones most likely to go extinct.
Carmelo Sheppard - Sep 21, 2017
For the second time in the last 10 years, researchers have found a octopus gathering ground off the coast of eastern Australia.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 19, 2017
Delayed launch of successor means likely gap in data crucial to climate change studies.
Rick Docksai - Sep 16, 2017
Three women ex-employees of Google are suing the company for what they say is bias against women in its hiring and salary decisions. The case is the latest in a series of lawsuits against tech companies over gender pay disparities.
James Smith - Sep 16, 2017
A new type of injection could condense all childhood vaccines into a single, one-time shot.
Simon Smith - Sep 16, 2017
A distant, light-absorbing exoplanet is one of the darkest celestial bodies ever found.
Cliff Mooneyham - Sep 16, 2017
Scientists develop nanorobots -- made from a single strand of DNA -- capable of transporting therapeutic drugs to specific regions in the body.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 14, 2017
ISS astronauts will continue to use the bulkier suits specifically designed for spacewalks, known as "extravehicular mobility units."
Cliff Mooneyham - Sep 14, 2017
While past studies have looked at climate-coffee scenarios, the new research is the first to analyze the way climate change will affect both coffee and bees on a national or continental scale.
Billy Kirk - Sep 14, 2017
In fact, the team found no definitive proof that light drinking as laid out by the guidelines caused any severe or lasting damage to the unborn child. However, they did find some links to other complications.
Billy Kirk - Sep 13, 2017
Newly discovered trace fossils left by some of the first organisms capable of active movement could change the way scientists view the evolutionary timeline, a new study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution reports.
Dan Taylor - Sep 13, 2017
While many think the species spent most of its times in the trees, there has been a lot of debate on how it moved around. Most scientists believe the animals moved in the same way as humans, monkeys, lemurs, and apes.
Dirk Trudeau - Sep 13, 2017
Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease that is typically treated with topical steroids.
Delila James - Sep 12, 2017
The Pope is speaking out and people are listening.
Carmelo Sheppard - Sep 11, 2017
Not only are the sneezes used for communication, but they differ based on an individual dog's social standing as well.
Wilson Soto - Sep 11, 2017
Researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in conjunction with NASA's Curiosity rover has discovered the presence of boron on the surface of Mars, providing further evidence that life once existed on the rocky planet.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 11, 2017
Numbers assigned within the X-class are based on the flares' intensity. X2s have twice the energy of X1s; X3s have three times the energy of X1s, and so on.
Kyle Bates - Sep 08, 2017
But the United States accounted for an above-average share of the polluted water: 94% of the U.S. samples were contaminated. Even relatively affluent U.S. sites were not immune.
Ian Marsh - Sep 08, 2017
Researchers from the University of Exeter have discovered that ruddy shelducks fly over 22,000 feet in the air in order to cross the Himalayan mountain range, a new study published in the Journal of Avian Biology reports.
Ian Marsh - Sep 08, 2017
The new study, conducted by researchers from Washington University School of Medicine and the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, could help with that.
Ed Mason - Sep 07, 2017
This discovery comes from an international team of researchers who believe the Neanderthal uncovered at the cave is much older than previously believed.
Cliff Mooneyham - Sep 06, 2017
The human eye, on the other hand, has a single lens sitting atop a densely packed retinal photoreceptor array that bends and bulges to focus on an object, no matter how near or far away.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 06, 2017
While there have been theories in the past, the new discovery could be the first real breakthrough on that subject.
Jackie Flores - Sep 06, 2017
For glue, Neanderthals used tar from birch bark. But how they extracted and made the tar a process researchers assumed to be difficult and complex was a mystery.
Jackie Flores - Sep 06, 2017
For a year, the research team, led by Tomoharu Oka of Keio University in Yokohama, Japan, has studied a strange cloud of molecular gas near the center of the Milky Way.
James Carlin - Sep 05, 2017
To make this discovery, scientists placed heated panels on the seafloor that were either left at ambient water temperature, or increased by 1 or 2 degrees Celsius in order to represent future temperature.
Carmelo Sheppard - Sep 05, 2017
The study analyzed CDC statistics on body mass index, or BMI. People with a BMI of 30 and above are considered obese.
Josh Curlee - Sep 04, 2017
A series of high-frequency radio signals from a remote galaxy has astronomers puzzled as to what could be creating them, CBC News reported Thursday.
Carmelo Sheppard - Sep 04, 2017
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 01, 2017
Based on the Korean astronomers' description of the phenomenon, scientists today believe the outburst occurred in a binary system that contained a dead, highly dense white dwarf star and a companion.
Andrew McDonald - 11 hours ago
Giant vegetarian dinosaurs derived extra protein from crunchy crustacean snacks.
Clint Huston - 12 hours ago
The discovery that jellyfish snooze raises questions of whether slumber is the property of neurons and if plants sleep.
David Sims - Sep 25, 2017
A study on ancient DNA gives a new glimpse into the genetic history of the sub-Saharan Africa.
Clint Huston - Sep 25, 2017
New research from a team of international researchers could help shed light on the origin of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.
Harry Marcolis - Sep 25, 2017
A new analysis on fossilized dinosaur dung shows that some large herbivores ate crustaceans as part of their diet.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 25, 2017
Satellites provide crucial data on storm's structure, temperature, and precipitation levels.
Dan Taylor - Sep 21, 2017
A team of researchers are attempting to breed giant triton snails in order to drive the crown-of-thorns starfish from Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 21, 2017
Discovery of large ice deposits lead scientists to suspect many similar, smaller deposits are also present at the poles.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 21, 2017
Planets' relative closeness and brightness make them excellent candidates for study with new James Webb Space Telescope.
Dirk Trudeau - Sep 21, 2017
Scientists have used gene editing to get a better idea of butterfly diversity and wing pattern evolution.
James Smith - Sep 21, 2017
For the first time in history, researchers have managed to map the spread of water across the moon's surface.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 19, 2017
Tiny moon Cressida is also causing distortion in one of the planet's rings.
Wilson Soto - Sep 19, 2017
New research could help explain why the electric eel jumps out of the air to shock would-be predators.
Dan Taylor - Sep 19, 2017
Researchers who evaluated more than 27,000 vertebrate species find that the largest and smallest animals face the greatest risk of extinction.
Joseph Scalise - Sep 18, 2017
A new fossil challenges our theory of evolution.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 16, 2017
Probe's discoveries transformed scientists understanding of the outer solar system.
Clint Huston - Sep 16, 2017
Researchers have identified a new species of ancient crocodile that once hunted in what is now Dallas-Fort Worth
David Sims - Sep 16, 2017
The Hubble Space Telescope has found a pitch black exoplanet that traps almost all visible starlight.
Clint Huston - Sep 16, 2017
Bacteria cultured in space and then treated with a common antibiotic were more resistant to treatment than a control group on Earth.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 16, 2017
Researchers often add constraints or adjustments that compensate for the fact that their data cannot include every last detail, to their studies.
Jackie Flores - Sep 15, 2017
Ed Mason - Sep 15, 2017
The team made this discovery by recording the experiences of nearly 5,000 men and 6,700 women. Nearly 15 percent of men and 34 percent of women in the study had lost interest in sex for at least three months during the previous year.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 14, 2017
That changed with the final occultation in July, when mission scientists successfully obtained data about the object's shape from observing the event in Patagonia, Argentina, with portable telescopes.
Adam Widmer - Sep 14, 2017
This could be another defensive measure that uses the outer cells to protect the inner cells from the antibiotics.
David Sims - Sep 13, 2017
However, the study also revealed that people were less likely to die young if they simply got up and moved around every half hour.
Delila James - Sep 13, 2017
An international team of scientists has found evidence of complex life more than 500 million years old a discovery that will likely shake up the current understanding of how animals evolved.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 13, 2017
Numerous exoplanet discoveries with this method have led scientists to question whether hypothetical alien civilizations with the same technological level as Earth could detect our planet passing in front of the Sun.
Kathy Fey - Sep 13, 2017
However, the study results differed depending on whether the dog slept on the floor or on the bed. In fact, owners who let their dogs onto their bed typically had a lower sleep quality than normal.
Joseph Scalise - Sep 12, 2017
A massive solar flare is unleashed on Earth.
Joseph Scalise - Sep 12, 2017
A new study takes a look at insects.
Joseph Scalise - Sep 12, 2017
A new study takes a look at the effects of climate change.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 12, 2017
The spacecraft will plunge into Saturn by the end of the year.
Alex Bourque - Sep 11, 2017
If western monarchs continue to decline at the current rate, they likely will disappear entirely in another 35 years, Schultz adds.
Alex Bourque - Sep 11, 2017
A genetic analysis of remains from a well-known, 10th century Viking grave in Sweden is providing the first confirmation that Viking women became warriors.
Dan Taylor - Sep 11, 2017
While Antarctica is one of the coldest places on Earth, the formations -- which are created by the steam from active volcanoes -- are warm and can reach temperatures of up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
Jeremy Morrow - Sep 11, 2017
Survey respondents specifically thought that 22% of medication prescriptions, 25% of medical tests, 11% of procedures, and 21% of medical care overall are not needed.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 11, 2017
Since 2010, the X-37Bs have completed a total of four space missions and have spent increasingly lengthening durations in space.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 11, 2017
Fourteen names for features on Pluto and its five moons submitted by NASA's New Horizons mission have been approved by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature.
Paul Pate - Sep 11, 2017
Genes for Alzheimer's, asthma, and many other ailments are actually becoming rarer in humans over time, and the human genome as a whole is continuing to evolve under the guiding force of natural selection.
Jeremy Morrow - Sep 11, 2017
The pen is accurate nearly 96 percent of the time and could help surgeons better remove tumors during surgery.
James Carlin - Sep 11, 2017
The parchment -- which is over 800 years old -- tells the story of Laurentius Loricatus, a teenager who accidentally killed a man in Italy before going to a cave where he would spend the next 34 years atoning for his sins.
Josh Curlee - Sep 11, 2017
China is spending 400million-yuan ($61.6 million) on the site, which spans 59,000 square miles and is located in the Qinghai province, a northern area of Tibet that is close to the westernmost tip of the Great Wall.
Lucas Rowe - Sep 11, 2017
The droplet absorbs chemicals from tissue cells, and then an instrument called a mass spectrometer analyzes the droplet and gives the doctors its results on a computer monitor.
Lila Alexander - Sep 11, 2017
Lobbyists representing doctors, health-insurance companies, and health-care businesses pressed the Senate's health committee this week to commit to funding health-insurance subsidies for the next two years.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 11, 2017
The element was discovered in mineral veins composed of calcium sulfate, which could have been produced by surface water billions of years ago.
Jackie Flores - Sep 08, 2017
Women regularly migrated during the Stone Age and early Bronze age, spreading culture and new ideas across Europe, according to a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Joseph Scalise - Sep 07, 2017
Current cooling systems consume nearly 15 percent of all electricity and account for more than 10 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 06, 2017
Designated PSR-J0952-0607 or simply J0952, the pulsar is about 1.4 times as massive as the Sun and has a binary companion star of approximately 20 Jupiter masses orbiting it every 6.4 hours.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 06, 2017
Cassini mission chief scientist Linda Spilker worked on the Voyagers' Infrared Spectrometer and Radiometer in her first position after graduating from college.
Jackie Flores - Sep 06, 2017
Though that number is much higher than any other area on Earth, it is not entirely surprising. The Amazon is gigantic, and, as it holds 10 percent of all known plant and animal species, it is one of the most diverse regions in the world.