NASA says asteroid impacts could have caused Mar's present climate
NASA says asteroid impacts could have caused Mar's present climate
Jeremy Morrow - Mar 29, 2017
Billions of years ago, Mars looked very different to the present-day dusty rock.
Dirk Trudeau - Feb 08, 2017
A soccer ball that was on the ill-fated Challenger Space Shuttle has finally made it to space 30 years later.
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 14, 2017
This brings the age old question of if NASA can use the drug why is it illegal?
Gian Mccann - Nov 21, 2016
NASA has debunked the myth that there is photographic evidence of a UFO passing in front of the Sun.
Alex Bourque - Nov 21, 2016
The latest NASA caused fire in space was ablaze on Monday.
Carmelo Sheppard - Nov 20, 2016
James Smith - Nov 19, 2016
Some scientists are reporting "fast radio bursts" that might be alien civilizations trying to communicate.
James Smith - Oct 12, 2016
Deceased Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury, has had an asteroid named after him.
Jose Jefferies - Oct 10, 2016
U.S. President Barack Obama believes that NASA and private companies must work together in order to reach Mars.
Vicky Webb - Oct 06, 2016
A new study is suggesting that travel to Mars could lead to brain damage.
Lila Alexander - Oct 03, 2016
It aims at giving developing nations a chance to fly payloads in microgravity.
Aaron Sims - Oct 01, 2016
The primary task of the craft will be to demonstrate quantum key distribution between the satellite and two stations on the ground.
Aaron Sims - Aug 14, 2016
However, recent studies show that it generates its heat from the Great Red Spot.
Dirk Trudeau - May 23, 2016
We are learning more about Mars each day.
Ian Marsh - Apr 28, 2016
While smaller unmanned crafts would take around 72 hours.
Alex Bourque - Mar 29, 2016
This technique could be used to produce solar energy in long winters and makes this type of energy economically viable by dropping the production of a unit of electricity from $250 to $100.
Jason Spencer - Mar 24, 2016
The launch was successful, but there was difficulty in landing on the floatation barge that led to the exploding of the rocket.
Alex Bourque - Feb 08, 2016
It's also the youngest star cluster in the Carina Nebula at just 500,000 years old.
Dirk Trudeau - Jan 27, 2016
The planet is 7,000 astronomical units (AU) from the star, and it takes 900,000 years to orbit.
Craig Hall - Jan 26, 2016
Launched in 2004, Mars rover Opportunity was only supposed to explore for 90 days. 12 years later, it is still actively exploring and transmitting data back to Earth.
Craig Hall - Jan 25, 2016
It will probably go on display instead, but SpaceX will test it to make sure it could go again if need be.
Ian Marsh - Jan 25, 2016
This planet would be distant if exists, circling at four times the orbit of far-away Pluto.
Dirk Trudeau - Aug 30, 2015
What is a supermoon? If you missed last night's, don't worry - there are still two more chances to see one this fall.
Ian Marsh - Apr 07, 2017
Bruno Borges vanished from his home in Rio Branco in the west of Brazil, having spent the last month working on what is being described as a secret project.
Jason Spencer - Mar 24, 2017
Scientists in Germany are turning on what is being described as 'the world's largest artificial sun.'
Harry Marcolis - Mar 20, 2017
Professor Stephen Hawking has revealed he is planning to travel into space on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic.
Harry Marcolis - Mar 20, 2017
A study by NASA has shown that jet using biofuels have fewer particle emissions in their exhaust trails.
Wilson Soto - Mar 09, 2017
The bill includes the aerospace's long term ambition of sending humans to Mars by 2033.
Adam Widmer - Feb 28, 2017
Researchers have said that the sighting will provide a laboratory of sorts that will enable them to study distant worlds and the possibility of a search for signs of life beyond Earth.
Adam Widmer - Jan 27, 2017
In December an unmanned cargo ship carrying supplies for the International Space Station, fell apart six minutes after lift-off.
Harry Marcolis - Jan 17, 2017
Chad Young - Dec 15, 2016
But his biggest concern was that if such an object was to hit earth, we have no way to defend ourselves.
James Smith - Nov 20, 2016
A new satellite is set to revolutionize weather forecasting in the United States of America.
David Sims - Nov 20, 2016
The sun, for instance, makes a full rotation one every 27 earth days.
James Smith - Nov 20, 2016
The asteroid that led to the extinction of dinosaurs may have resulted in a much bigger impact than first thought.
Clint Huston - Nov 20, 2016
Elon Musk has come up with a solution for this forefront question by creating fuel tanks from carbon fiber.
Harry Marcolis - Nov 20, 2016
But conspiracy theorists are not buying any explanations from NASA.
Jeremy Morrow - Nov 19, 2016
A star is being reported as the most perfectly spherical object ever observed in nature.
Jeremy Morrow - Nov 19, 2016
The crew of Expedition 51 arrived on the International Space Station on Saturday.
Wilson Soto - Nov 19, 2016
A Donald Trump administration will likely send the United States of America back to the Moon.
Carmelo Sheppard - Nov 18, 2016
NASA astronaut, Peggy Whitson, became the oldest woman to travel in space on Friday.
Adam Widmer - Nov 18, 2016
Physicist, Stephen Hawking, predicted that homo sapien life on earth has only a one thousand year shelf life remaining.
Dirk Trudeau - Nov 18, 2016
Under the Barack Obama administration, the fiscal year 2017 budget proposal had set aside only $19 billion for NASA.
Ian Marsh - Oct 12, 2016
It has taken the satellite almost five years to get to Jupiter.
Alex Bourque - May 31, 2016
Research on comets and asteroids have suggested that many other heavenly bodies have the potential of harboring life.
Alex Bourque - Apr 23, 2016
The Russian space, personnel explained that this lengthened space trip is meant to study and analyze the new tech on board.
Alex Bourque - Apr 02, 2016
During the formation of the planet, the surface of the planet remained in lava form for longer than in other planets.
Ian Marsh - Apr 01, 2016
The main reason for this is to ensure that the engine is always in top condition every time.
Dirk Trudeau - Mar 28, 2016
The latest photos from the Hubble Space Telescope show exactly how the process occurs.
Alex Bourque - Mar 23, 2016
This phenomenon has made Indonesia a tourist destination, with hotels booked since 2014 in readiness for this.
Craig Hall - Feb 26, 2016
It's extremely difficult to reland a rocket booster, with Bezos comparing it to balancing a pencil on a finger.
Alex Bourque - Jan 25, 2016
Plutonium-238 emits a steady heat through natural radioactive decay.
Dirk Trudeau - Jan 25, 2016
The team at the Marshall Space Flight Center is in the early stages of figuring out the logistics.
Dirk Trudeau - Jan 25, 2016
A new study published in the journal Astrobiology suggests that any life that existed in our neighborhood has come and gone.
Craig Hall - Aug 29, 2015
As NASA's New Horizons spacecraft barrels past Pluto, engineers on Earth set their sights on a new target even farther away.
Jason Spencer - Aug 29, 2015
Stephen Hawking suggests that black holes store information rather than destroy it
Dirk Trudeau - Aug 25, 2015
A new study has revealed that the moon was once completely covered in volcanic 'fire fountains,' and it had something to do with a chemical found here on Earth.