Clinton turns her eyes to Zika in Florida
Hillary Clinton is focusing on the Zika outbreak while campaigning in Florida.

By Ian Marsh | 17 hours ago

Hillary Clinton is focusing on the Zika outbreak while campaigning in Florida.

On Tuesday, Clinton visited the zone north of Miami that is dealing with the first local outbreak of Zika in the continental United States of America.

Clinton reportedly visited the Borinquen Medical Center in Florida, a health clinic that has come to recent relevance for its proximity to the Wynwood neighborhood, where the 16 locally born cases of Zika were discovered and diagnosed.

The Democratic nominee for U.S. President reached across the aisle for help in battling the disease, calling for Republican congressmen and women to work to expedite laws that would battle the disease.

Since mid-July, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been away from Washington on a seven week recess. Before they left, they did not approve a $1.9 billion provision requested by President Obama in February.

The money would have helped to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus and control the mosquito population that carries the illness.

According to her aides, Clinton will askfor lawmakers to forego their summer recess in order to return to Washington and immediately pass legislation relevant to the outbreak of Zika in the states.

"[Governor Rick Scott (R, Florida] really seems to have it under control in Florida," claimed Donald Trump, who has yet to campaign in Florida for the general election.

As of now, Florida, which often proves to be a crucial pivot state in the general election, sees Hillary Clinton with a slight lead in the polls over Trump.

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