James Cameron warns of Great Barrier Reef death due to climate change
"Titanic" director James Cameron believes that the Great Barrier Reef is threatened by climate change.

Tyler MacDonald | 4 hours ago

James Cameron, the director of "Titanic," believes that the ocean has become"the toilet of human civilization" and that the Great Barrier Reef will die unless we act to combat climate change.

Cameron devotes the majority of his life outside of film production to exploring the depths of the sea, and claims that reef bleaching, which can be seen on the Great Barrier Reef, is an "inevitable side effect of climate change."

"The heating, even a few degrees, can cause the symbiotic algae in coral to depart and coral bleach, and then it becomes an unhealthy reef system, and then it ultimately fails," he said. "This is something that if we don't course correct with regards to the carbon we are dumping into the atmosphere, it's going to become an inevitability. The Great Barrier Reef will die, it's that simple."

Many scientists around the world agree with Cameron's comments, and a recent study in Nature journal suggests that one-third of the Great Barrier Reef's corals were damaged in the 2016 bleaching event. Not only that, but more bleaching occurred in early 2017.

"We need to think not about saving the ocean by going into the ocean more, but we need to think about saving the ocean by how we behave here on the land," Cameron said, suggesting that we focus on changing the way we grow and consume food, and how we recycle.

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