New vaping laws draw praise and criticism
New e-cigarette regulation laws are being hailed as long overdue, but some say this move could cause small businesses to close their doors

By Jason Spencer | 7 hours ago

Electronic cigarettes or vaping has been lauded as a safer alternative to smoking. But new regulations would put just as much pressure on those who sell vaping products as your regular run-of-the-mill cigarette or tobacco salesman.

According to the Standard-Examiner, the Federal Food and Drug Association (FDA) recently passed a bill that demanded stricter regulation of e-cigarettes and e-cigarette products. While officials have called the move long-overdue, small businesses across the country are worried they won't be able to keep their doors open much longer.

These new regulations, which order that products be tested by the FDA, come with a hefty price tag. To put it into numbers, five flavors of e-cigarette liquid could cost up to $15 million dollars for inspection.

It's a price that small businesses just can't afford.

Current president of the Utah Smoke Free Association noted that while pharmacies and big tobacco can shell out the big bucks for antibiotics and prescription drugs, local businesses selling vaping products just don't have the cash to foot that bill.

"It's the same process the FDA puts pharmaceutical and tobacco products through, but they're much bigger and can shoulder those costs," said Jensen."Inthe vaping industry, these are small businesses that we're dealing with that don't have that kind of money. If nothing changes, when this goes into effect, it will put about 99 percent of this industry out of business."

However, a report from the Gainesville Times notes that only in-house blends should be affected, and that the new law is really to curb buyers as young as 16 walking out the doors with a purchase. And even if vaping is healthier than cigarettes, regulation is still needed as using vaping products do not come without risks.

"The health department for instance, with what we put in our bodies in terms of food, has rigorous inspections to maintain the quality of the environment," said Alex Farr, manager of Vape and More in Gainesville, Georgia. "That doesn't exist right now in this regard, and I think that's necessary."

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