Scientists predict a future 'worse than extinction'
A Russian theoretical physicist believes that humans might be approaching a fate "worse than extinction."

Tyler MacDonald | 4 hours ago

Russian theoretical physicistAlexander Berezin has predicted a pretty depressing future for our civilization, claiming that it "is even worse than extinction."

In his new paper, Berezin uses Fermi's paradox to come to his bleak conclusion about humanity's future. The paradox asks why we have not found extraterrestrial life yet if the universe is so vast. Berezin believes that the answer lies in our technological advancement, which he claims is not at a high enough level to find alien life.

And when we do reach this level of technological advancement and discover alien civilizations, he believes humans will have to eradicate "all competition to fuel its own expansion."

But Berezin believes that this destruction of other life forms won't be a conscious act.

"They simply [will] not realize, in the same way that a construction team demolishes an anthill to build a property because it has no incentives to protect it," Berezin said.

However, Berezin believes "we are here, our planet and our star are relatively intact, and we are already contemplating the first interstellar probes," and he"hopes to be wrong" about the possibility of humans destroying the alien life that we have been searching for over the years.

The findings were published in the pre-print archive arXiv.

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