Study: Most American parents don't believe in the flu shot
But studies show that more than half the population does not believe in the vaccination.

By Jeremy Morrow | 15 hours ago

The Flu is the most common ailment. It may attack anyone and quickly spreads over a short period. The flu vaccine is recommended and compulsory for all Children in the US. But studies show that more than half the population does not believe in the vaccination.

Parents were adamant that the vaccination was not really necessary. Most parents from the study suggested that giving the shoot ruined their child immune system. In many countries, the flu shot is not even a recommendation. This is because the Influenza does not have a cure. The vaccine mainly suppresses the infection.

To some extend the logic of the parents is entirely understandable. The vaccination of the Flu has been thought to help the Influenza virus evolve and make it even more infectious. However, suffice this, the shoot is still highly recommended.

"The first and most common reason could encompass a belief that risk for contracting influenza is low in their family as well as that the vaccine offers little protection," said study lead author Dr. Scott Field of the University Of Alabama School Of Medicine. "A reason rarely discussed in the medical literature relating to why many parents do not think influenza vaccines are needed is the infrequency with which many individuals and families experience flu first hand,"

Some medical quarters suggest that letting the body fight the virus is the best way to deal with it. It will help build a healthy immune system towards this virus and any concurrent attacks.

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