What makes the man? Well, a deep voice certainly helps
A new study from Penn State University reveals that a deeper voice in men is less about attraction and more about aggression

By Jason Spencer | 7 hours ago

We've all heard the saying that clothes make the man, and countless surveys across the globe say that a sense of humor, good looks, a kind personality, and others factor in to what women find in a partner. But what about a deep voice?

Well, perhaps it doesn't make the ladies swoon, but it does fend off other potential suitors.

According to Philly.com, a new study released by scholars at Pennsylvania State University suggests that while the depth of one's tone doesn't necessarily attract a mate, it certainly can scare of potential ones. As associated with other primates, a deeper voice in human men can translate to aggression rather than attraction.

"Why would anyone care about the voice?" said Boston University assistant professor Carolyn Hodges-Simeon, who wasn't involved in the study. "It's not like muscle. Muscle is something that could actually harm you."

Turns out it has to do with higher testosterone levels. UPI.com notes that high testosterone and low cortisol levels were found in men with deeper voices.

Researchers conducted the experiment by testing out different voices from a variety of students attending Penn State. Men and women listened to different tones of both male and female voices. Female participants only listened to the male voice recordings and then were asked to rate the male voices in terms of attractiveness.

However, male participants were asked to listen to both male and female voice recordings, rating the former in terms of aggression and the latter in terms of attractiveness.

While females did rate the lower voices as attractive, it was the men's opinions on perceived dominance that really stood out in the end.

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